The first patch of version 0.54 is now live, as 0.55! Restart Steam to ensure you receive it as as soon as possible!

This update focuses on bugfixes from the first wave of reports from the 0.54 update. We’ll continue fixing more as they are reported during the week.

Thank you for testing and reporting bugs!

| NEW IN 0.55 |

  • Chapter 3: Added hint dialogs for Encryption Keys, improved info tablet text. Encryption Key on roof now easier to find. Information tablets will look different than Encryption Keys in the future.
  • Resolution: First launch of the game will now be in full resolution of screen. Windowed mode will now work correctly for subsequent launches, and will not return to full screen after ALT+Tab.
  • Sprint: It’s intentional to see the Sprint icon even when not able to sprint, to ensure you are aware if sprint is Toggled ON or OFF (especially useful if using TOGGLE sprint type in options).
  • New Sprint request icon now visually different when sprint request is pending (not sprinting right now / cannot sprint now) or currently sprinting to make it more clear. This way, you clearly know if you are going to sprint ASAP or not.

Known Issue: Bug Reporting: Reporting a bug in the Main Menu with no level loaded, will result in an error; please only report bugs while a level is loaded in 0.55 – this will be fixed in next update 😉

Haze Games


  • Pre-Alpha Warning Popup: The popup explaining that most dialogs are not recorded yet, and it’s not a bug that they are silent, was not being displayed on first launch. Should now be displayed again.
  • Sound Effects: I was not able to reproduce the bug with sound effects that stop working (music only) after character death. I tried many times with the same save as The Promidius, unsuccessfully. If you manage to find a way to reproduce this, please let me know the steps in a bug report. It may be linked to character death exactly while volume is being reduced for a dialog to be played, or something tricky like this 😉
  • I made some changes to try and avoid this, but not sure if this is properly fixed yet.


  • Mines: Potential critical error in some cases of Exploding a Mine should be fixed
  • Discord: Username was no longer being added automatically to the in-game bug reports. Should now be functional again
  • Collisions: There can be times when the player would ignore some collisions randomly, like fall through a floor. This is very hard to solve everywhere – Theoretically, fixed a few that were reported in Chapter 1 by Ilya. If you encounter any others, please report them so I can investigate. Thanks!
  • Safe Landing: Potential critical error in some cases of Safe Landing detection should be fixed
  • Cubes: Picking up a cube that is below another cube, could result in the stacked cube to remain stuck in the air.
  • Chapter 1: Platforms disappeared on first try when opening the Bridge: They will now act as intended, and appear after activating the Bridge switch 😉
  • Chapter 1: Collision bug pushing the player in room with first Cube.
  • Chapter 1: Third laser in first Cube room couldn’t harm you if moving towards the “vent access bloc”
  • Chapter 2: Various visual bugs reported in 0.54
  • Chapter 3: New area had a bug provoking a missing button for Platform 1
  • Chapter 3: Some disappearing objects when exploring the new Cube area on some angles
  • Chapter 4: Power Cores could be “sticking out” of Processing Center and the room just before
  • Chapter 4: Visual bugs with blinking walls on solar station roof
  • Lights: Lens flares (“stars”) from lights are no longer “outside the light”, but at the edge limit. They are intentionally not fully “inside”.
  • Bug Report Error: If you are having a “invalid uri” game error when trying to upload a bug, it may simply be that your Firewall is blocking the game from uploading files externally. Please check your firewall settings to allow the game, or disable it while reporting bugs 😉 Otherwise, it can also be that another user is uploading at the same time, the server has limits of concurrent users – simply try reporting your bug again a few seconds later.

Haze Games

Game designer & Unity C# Developer at Haze Games, working on Fractal Space.


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