Solutions for Chapter 2: Walkabout.


In the first room of Chapter 2, you will need to:


  1. Use the vertical moving platform on your left as you enter
  2. From here, move to the horizontal moving platform above
  3. When close to the button in front of you, shoot it. This stops the platform you are standing on
  4. Move to the next horizontal moving platform
  5. Look to your left; you can jump inside, with a good timing!
  6. After jumping into the corridor, shoot the button on the wall at the end of the corridor
  7. Get the box. A saw is now activated behind you.
  8. Get passed the saw, then shoot the button again to disable the new lasers that prevent you from getting out (you can also move very carefully between them instead)
  9. Go down with the box and drop it on the pressure plate
  10. A new vertical platform is now turned on: Use it.
  11. Once you have reached the top, you will find a button to your left, across the room
  12. Shoot this button – the Bridge will now be deployed and you can get past.


In order to access the Jetpack, you’ll need to align the bridge:


  • HINT 1: Try to re-create London Bridge is Falling Down theme song with the notes provided


  • HINT 2: The order of the buttons is: LEFT | MIDDLE | | RIGHT | MIDDLE


Inside the Big Room, you will need to reach the very top of the room to activate the moving roof:


  1. Reach the top
  2. You might find a special, strange box. You can try activating the pressure plate with it if you want. It’s intended that it doesn’t work, it’s a hint to Chapter 5.
  3. In an angle of the room, you will find a button next to cube
  4. Shoot this button with your Taser-Gun
  5. You can now get the cube and drop it on the center pressure plate
  6. The roof now opens, and you can continue above


After moving the ceiling by placing the box on the center pressure plate, you will reach the rooftop of the Big Room, with many lasers, 2 moving platforms and 2 boxes. In this room, you will need to:


  1. Laser Wall 1: Use your Jetpack to stick to the ceiling, then move forward
  2. Laser Wall 2: Immediately after getting past first laser wall, drop down to touch the ground
  3. You can walk to get past the second laser wall
  4. Get both cubes and drop them on the moving platforms
  5. The lift door will now open
  6. Enter the lift
  7. Shoot the switch inside the lift, above you, behind the lasers