Hello, dear Fractal Space players!

The latest update 0.597 is now ready for testing, and fixes many of the in-game reported bugs.

However, there were many reported bugs, so only around 40% of them are fixed. We will gradually work through them all and fix over the next few updates.

We focused mostly on the important major bugs for this update.


Here are a couple of changes in this update:

  • Power Cores: Interaction ranges to remove / insert Power Cores has been slightly reduced, as you could remove them from very far away.
  • Cutscenes: Black top/bottom cutscene bands now remain visible when the game is paused (but behind the menu)


Here’s a short list of most important fixes in this update (many more in-game reported bug are will be mentioned on the Discord server):

  • Chapter 1: Fixed “Tablet Destroyed” in Chapter 1 after the “I’m not your shrink” lasers room.
  • Infinite Jump: Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause the Player to be able to indefinitely continue jumping from the air, after repeatedly jumping from Moving Platforms / Lift buttons surface. Thanks Latte, Chris & Aidan for the videos 😉 The infinite flying / jetpack bug is separate than this though, so fixing this bug doesn’t mean the other cases are solved as well yet.
  • Power Cores: Latest update that improved Power Core physics collisions, also made it much harder to insert them into Power Core Slots while in Zero-Gravity. This has now been fixed, and it’s easier, as it was before 0.596
  • Object Respawns: Latest 0.596 update made many/all respawn systems areas for Power Cores / Cubes to be non-functional. This has been fixed, so respawn areas should be functional correctly again.
  • Pressure Plates: When multiple Cubes are placed on a pressed down Pressure Plate, removing 1 of them would deactivate and reactivate the Pressure Plate within 1s. Should now no longer react this way and remain pressed down, when another Cube is already actively pressing the Pressure Plate down, and the other second one is removed.
  • Pressure Plates: Fixed a new bug with Pressure Plates, introduced in 0.596, that could cause Cubes to be ejected / catapulted fast from Pressure Plates upon deactivation (return to unpressed red state). Should now behave normally, pushing them gently upwards instead of sending them off flying in the air.
  • Zero-G Boost: Fixed a bug that could cause being able to Zero-G boost indefinitely, after a Last Checkpoint load with Speedrun Mode disabled.
  • Crouching: Fixed a rare bug that could cause crouch/standing up transition to provoke the Player to die on some moving platforms / lifts.
  • Saving: Dying while reloading Taser, and while a save is happening, wouldn’t always save the Taser as full upon loading the save later on. Should now work as expected.
  • Reported Bugs: Hundreds more in-game reported bugs and suggestions implemented.

Thank you for testing! We’ll continue working on the various remaining bugs, and re-update over the next few weeks for the next bugs 😉

Haze Games

Game designer & Unity C# Developer at Haze Games, working on Fractal Space.

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❖ Timetraveler_1 · 11 May 2022 at 20:05

Sometimes to do not reappear the same fixed bug item, you can use the dash to list all bug fixes of that item for example in this case was “pressure plates:” you can write in this way:
• Pressure plates:
– fixed thing 1
– fixed thing 2
I know it looks good also write the fixed item for every single bug fix, but for reading flow I think is better to write it once. Imagine you have to write 3-4 or more times the same fixed item… it will looks repetitive for reading… also because the bold text feels to be another argument/item so when we read that is again the previous item, it feel strange.. like a looped /duplicated thing anyway I’ll be still ok if you will keep writing the same item/object name for every fixed bug

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