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Longer and improved version of Fractal Space in development for Windows, Mac & Linux! The PC Version has many new game mechanics, all levels are longer in addition to having new, PC-exclusive Chapters!

| Play the first Chapter in the free Demo now on Steam!

| Play the Pre-alpha for free up to Chapter 4, and help us find bugs!


Mobile edition of Fractal Space, available for FREE on Google Play! A Premium HD Edition with enhanced graphics is also on both the App Store and Google Play!

Fractal Space HD is now available on Google Play Pass!


Update 0.600 is LIVE!

Hello dear Fractal Space players! It’s been a while – we’ve been focusing quite a bit on Pocket Edition updates recently, and there were many bugs reported in latest 0.598, so it was a lot Read more…


Hello, dear players! We are now releasing another new 2.638 update for the Pocket Edition of Fractal Space! It contains many new visual improvements, a lighting overhaul of all Chapters, and a few new options! Read more…



Charles Pearson

Game & Level Designer | Unity C# Developer

3-years Game Design / Level Design bachelors degree at ISART Digital, Paris.

7 years of experience as Game Designer & Unity C# Developer at Cyanide, Playsoft, Airbus and Matsuko.

Amélie Beaudroit

Writer | UX Researcher | Game Designer

3 years experience as game designer
10 years experience as a UX researcher

I write novels and game scenario that I'm passionate about.


We would like to thank our dear players and members of the official Haze Games Discord Server. Your continuous support means a lot to us.

The Promidius

Started as a fan of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition a few years back, The Promidius is still an active tester, Discord Server developer and Community Manager. Special thanks to him!

Discord Members

Many thanks to all Discord community members, helping us improve the game by reporting bugs & suggestions on the PC Pre-Alpha, and adding additional translations!
We couldn't make it without you.




“Deep Impact – This ingenious and unusual first-person 3D puzzler is reminiscent of PC and console titles like Portal, the Talos Principle, and The Witness.”

Droid Gamers

Droid Gamers

“The mobile app stores are dominated by casual puzzlers and silly stripped-down MMOs, so it can be easy to forget what modern smartphones are really capable of. Fractal Space is a timely reminder.”



"Nothing short of brilliant in the world of first person exploration and puzzle games."


I love you two. You just made the BEST puzzle game in the world!

Everything is perfect!


EXCELLENT - Addictive and fast moving!
If you want to shoot Zombies, love big guns, want explosions and gore... don't play this game!

However, if you like highly absorbing fast moving 3D puzzle games, the idea of escaping a mad series of traps with lasers, sliding platforms and lifts - all in outer space - then this is for you!

As Yoda said: "Do or do not, there is no trying"!


AWESOME! Cool graphics, no lag, awesome storyline!

This deserves 5 stars!


You've got to try this! I'm really impressed by this game.

The gameplay is thought-provoking, graphics are outstanding, and if it runs on my phone, it'll run on anything.

On top that, the dev is focused on making a great game, and not about nickel and dimeing players, and I'm sure that this will be a game that people will be talking about years from now.

Ten stars!


Awesome! Man, I knew if I waited long enough I knew you guys would've made it. I hope you guys keep making wonderful games like this. Good work!!


How exciting and challenging this is. Bravo! This is a beautiful game.
Hats off to you and good luck.


I need to play more of this game!
Great idea... perfect, nothing I didn't like...
Thank you for making this!


I was a beta-tester for this game, and honestly, it's one of the best puzzle games in existence!


My grandson is 8 and asked me today to get the next level. He has done this one 2 times already and can't wait for the next one.
Haven't told him yet that I can't get it. He will be so upset. This is the only app. he will play now. Thanks. Can't wait until the next one comes out!


Dear Haze Games,

... I'm speechless...

I can use every word in the largest dictionary to describe how good this game is but none of those words will work, for two people, you two made a perfect puzzle game!


Great! Really cool puzzle game.
Has great atmosphere and is really enjoyable.
5 stars, and worth it!


Well, I hope you remember me, and I'm still here.
It truly is amazing that only 2 person worked on this game.
Great game I love the changes you made so far and it makes the game just that much greater.
I hope you keep making games for a long time and become a big developer.
Cheers, I'll gladly keep my 5 star rating intact!


This game is unbelievably awesome. The story is great, no lags, nothing, your community is also good.
I can say, 5 stars from me.
For a 2-person team, you make a really great game. GJ!

Wyatt Payne

I just finished the game and it was absolutely amazingly awesome!
Absolutely loved it!
Please make more games absolutely awesome like this!