Hello, dear Fractal Space players! We hope you’ve had fun playing Pocket Edition on mobile! On this page, you will find details of the update history of the game.




Here’s a list of what we are working on, to let you know what to expect for the next 2.64 update of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition:

  • Customizable Field Of View system + FOV slider (like on PC version)
  • Separate Cutscenes / Speedrun Mode toggles like on PC
  • Speedrun Mode option: Always Show Timers toggle
  • Virtual Button option for Interaction in Controls Customization
  • Fixing reported bugs from the Discord server and e-mails

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UPDATE | 2.63 [BETA]

Update 2.63 on currently in BETA on Android & iOS! Please contact me directly at bug@haze.games if you find a major bug that should be fixed before this update becomes public.

You can join the Pocket Edition BETA here:


Various new changes: Please check this page for a summary of the new Cloud Saves slot system to test for this 2.63 update, then additional changes below.


  • Chapter 2: Before the “Don’t Look Down” area, you could skip parts of the level if you backtracked before the door closed. Shouldn’t happen anymore.
    Chapter 4: You cannot drop Cubes too close to the windows of the subway area anymore, to reduce chances of pushing the Cubes through them.
    Chapter 4: Placing a cube behind the Teleporter while Subway is coming back will be respawned upon subway arrival to prevent softlock (even if you still have it in your hands, intended for now).
  • Speedrun Mode: Can now override lasers collisions selectively for Speedrun Mode. Explanation: The game should NOT allow you to stand on lasers when they are ON. This is to avoid unwanted skips, bugs, and ensure the player is damaged when falling on them / walking too close.Most lasers placed quite low to the ground respect this rule. However, I know some speedrunners use these laser collisions in some cases. A recent bug allowed the player to stand on all lasers – even enabled ones. This bug was fixed, making some speedrun strats invalid. I made more changes to allow collisions on some of them Speedrun Mode. Please let me know at bug@haze.games if you have specific lasers that would need collisions even when ON in Speedrun Mode if there are any issues. This system will be the same on PC.

IMPORTANT: If you change Speedrun Mode state when already within a level, you’ll need to restart from the last checkpoint for these collision states to be updated. This will be changed in the future 2.64 update, after 2.63 becomes public.

  • Localization: Updated localization to latest version from the localization kit. Thank you all for your help with translation!
  • Chapter 4: Pandora’s Box: It’s intended that if you look at it, you cannot move closer to it. Any movement while looking at it and being close will make it flee.However, box behavior was changed to have smoother movement, and to allow you to jump above it while moving backwards; this will now allow you to jump over it backwards, and pick it up because you will be close enough. It now also stops fleeing away from you and becomes green as soon as you successfully enter its interaction range. It will now also work correctly from both sides if you happen to jump above it, then start moving while looking at it.
  • Fractaloween: Disabled player collisions on Buttons (intended), to avoid standing on them.
  • Fractaloween: Created fresh new leaderboards, as some scores were made with older versions using exploits which are now fixed.
  • Chapter 1: With FractalXMAS activated, the first fireplace in first room is now easily climbable for you to climb on the gate just for fun (other fireplaces cannot be climbed with jump to avoid bugs).
  • Speedrun: Speedrun unit back to u/s
  • Chapter 3: By moving fast and jumping, you can go on the first large moving platform (vertical corridor) without having to wait for it to come back down
    Chapter 1: First outside moving platform is faster in speedrun mode
  • Fractaloween: More pumpkins will appear in later stages. Slightly reduced Auto-Aim. Lasers now also reduce score (slightly).
  • Auto-Pause: Switching to another app or showing notifications will now auto-pause the game. This won’t change as it’s for both convenience and to respect Google’s new guidelines.

Moving Platforms & Crushers: Many changes to moving platforms to ensure:

  1. Better character crushing by vertical moving platforms going down or laterally against walls / ground. You will now get crushed more often (intended)
  2. Being pushed by the sides of a moving platform could result in very jittery movement, increasing chances to clip through walls. May still happen, but more rarely than before.
  3. Being pushed by the bottom of a moving platform (while beneath if) could result in very jittery movement, increasing chances to clip through walls. May still happen, but more rarely than before.
  4. Crushers will now only crush the character when they should (they used to sometimes crush the player too early or while static)
  5. Momentum when jumping off moving platforms in Speedrun Mode was broken for platforms that move faster in Speedrun Mode than normal game. Now works as expected.
  • Localization: Greatly improved PT-BR translation (thanks to Chris!). There may be invisible characters with the new version of this localization. Please let me know if you find any missing characters since this update.
  • Events: Trees in the level when FractalXMAS is active will now prevent you from dropping cubes inside them.
  • Events: Trees and Fireplaces when FractalXMAS is active will now teleport the player and cubes outside of them if it is activated after the player placed himself inside the tree / fireplace.
  • Speedrun: Speedrun unit back to u/s
  • Chapter 3: By moving fast and jumping, you can go on the first large moving platform (vertical corridor) without having to wait for it to come back down
    Chapter 1: First outside moving platform is faster in speedrun mode Fractaloween: Small changes and fixes
  • Chapter 1: Changed the end area / optional Color Pack to solve bugs & softlock seen here
  • Chapter 1: In order to avoid out-of-sync platform before getting the Taser without cutscenes enabled, the cutscene to show the Taser is now non-skippable. In the future, there will be a specific behavior for the platform in Speedrun Mode to avoid this.
  • Chapter 2: Vertical moving roof inside the Big Room will now move three times faster in Speedrun Mode.
  • Chapter 2: A report mentioned jetpacking towards the vertical moving room stopped it. It doesn’t seem like it – it’s simply stopping here because it was its normal stopping point. I guess you would prefer to be able to jetpack up to the ceiling to directly chain above the next lasers. I’ve changed it to allow this 😉
  • Chapter 2: At the beginning, if you manage to get on to the roof of the first room, you will now be relocated at the beginning of the bridge (intentional)
  • Chapter 3: Right-side Timer box button will be disabled and not react until it’s first closed when the player approaches, to avoid this
  • Chapter 3: For both timer boxes, buttons are no longer usable while the Timer boxes are active, to avoid this
  • Chapter 3: The button for platform / smasher in vertical room will no longer be active until both platforms have finished their movement. The time in which the first platform remains open is now much shorter. This setup avoids this bug


  • Chapter 2: Cubes on moving platforms could sometimes have unexpected pushing movement (“possessed” cubes)
  • Cube Clipping: This is a complex matter and cannot be 100% solved right now (dangerous change for stabilizing 2.63). However, it should be a bit harder to perform than in the previous 2.63 BETA version.
  • Chapter 1: Lasers for the first cube area, and “Use Protection” area will now always have collisions disabled – except in Speedrun Mode, in which you stand on them.
  • Chapter 1: “Disobeyed my orders” Dialog now disabled in Speedrun Mode.
  • Chapter 4: Vertical moving platform at the right-end of soul room could sometimes remain static instead of moving. Should be fixed.
  • Chapter 5: Various changes to fix bugs with flower spawning and other spawning of objects. You can’t pickup log / pandora once it touched the ground to be transformed. You can’t climb on doors anymore. Door opening pushes books. You can climb on Podiums again (intended), but won’t be able to go OOB. You can still stand on box / log while it’s being transformed and will be pushed up, but shouldn’t create any problems anymore. Red carpets do not go all the way to the curtains anymore (intended), so you know where you can’t drop log / pandora. This is to avoid Podiums spawning where opening doors will clip through them. Plants are now further away on the sides to reduce clipping with Podiums (can still happen a bit but that’s OK).
  • Chapter 5: Flower now has collisions with the player and other objects. You can climb on it, but shouldn’t create issues.
  • Fractaloween: Various bugfixes and exploits fixed (thanks Yharon)
  • Fractaloween: Small changes and fixes
  • Music: Chapters could result in not having music. Should be fixed.
  • Chapter 4: Soul Room, vertical moving platform on the right when entering, could sometimes not be activated until loading last checkpoint.
  • Loading: Requesting to load last checkpoint during end-of-level fade out would cause an infinite loading. The game starts to unload current level and load the next one as soon as the fade out begins. Fixed to ensure next level load is correctly interrupted to allow reload of last checkpoint or full Chapter restart even after fade out started.
  • Chapter 1: After the vertical corridor button fall to the room below, if you activated the switch on the moving platform very quickly, the door would be open instead of closed
  • Chapter 1: If you happen to make the keypad appear while the first door has been opened already, using it should no longer close the door and softlock you
  • Sound: From this update, setting music, dialog or SFX volumes to zero will completely disable them
  • Pressure Plates: If you had 2 objects on a single pressure plate, rapidly picking one up right after dropping the other on it, would result in the pressure plate being pressed, but the state of associated objects to not be correct. TO BE TESTED: All changes to Cubes / Pressure Plates can be dangerous 😉
  • Dialogs: Setting them to zero volume will now prevent the music volume reduction while playing dialogs.
  • Speedrun Mode: Speed counter will now be hidden on various interfaces (Bridge alignment, Keypads, Support us page, etc.)
  • Chapter 4: Pausing the game during the cutscene after birth year keypad would result in a black screen.

UPDATE | 2.61

The latest update of Fractal Space adds the following new features and bugfixes:

  • Turkish Language: New language added! If you are a native Turkish speaker, please test and see if you see any characters that are not being displayed properly. Thank you Rukiye for the translation!
  • Hints: Chapter 4 mirrors hints were external links to images. They are now offline, integrated in-game, and no longer require to open external links.
  • Hint button now hidden during cutscenes
  • Menu: Improved menu background with 3D visuals
    • Faster loading times
    • Improved loading image and loading bar
  • New icons, screenshots and images
  • Scores: Chapters page now has a Refresh button for scores:
    • You can check the “Auto-Refresh” checkbox
    • In-Game, if auto-refresh is disabled, use the new button next to the timers
    • Auto-Refresh checkbox is ALWAYS disabled by default, and NOT saved upon game exit. This is intended, in order to avoid a specific Google Play Games crash for some players while retrieving scores
    • Only when the crash above is fixed by third parties, the checkbox will save the desired auto-refresh state
  • Resolutions | HD Edition only: On a small percentage of devices, the maximum detected resolution is incorrect (lower than actual). This is a Unity engine bug, and until it is fixed on their side, the game now allows 2 super-sampled resolutions (over maximum detected screen resolution), displayed in ORANGE. You should only increase to these resolutions if you have a good framerate already, or if your device supports higher resolutions than the max resolution in the list.
  • Camera Permission Flow: In order to respect Google Play Policy requirements, the game will now continue to show Privacy Policy and request Camera access if the player has simply denied access at start. It won’t be shown anymore if the player grants access, or checks the “Do Not Ask Again” checkbox.
  • Gamepad Navigation fix for when the “No Not Ask Again” checkbox is checked, and the warning popup is displayed
  • If the player has simply denied camera access, he will be prompted when the camera is used at a specific point in the game. If the player had checked “Do Not Ask Again”, he won’t be prompted, but a Camera Access button will be displayed to open Settings and grant access if he changed his mind.
  • Various performance improvements
  • XMAS: Added a new Fireplace on the rooftop of the main room, as you get out
  • Gamepads: 12 new gamepads reported by various players using our Gamepad Tester app should now be supported
  • Chapter 4: You could still move during the “crashing down” cutscene after entering the code for the second Generator, in the Soul Room vent corridor (Thanks to Damian & Ilya!)
  • Subtitles: Disabling subtitles while a dialogue is currently being played, would result in subtitles not being removed or removed after a longer amount of time
  • Chapter 4: Crates now have the Haze logo, and horizontal text mirroring issue is solved on crates.
  • Font Characters: Some languages wouldn’t display the | separator character
  • Font Characters: Korean and Chinese characters could be displayed at lower resolution
  • Chapter 1: Last checkpoint could be triggered from outside when getting the Color Pack
  • Hints: With a gamepad on Android TV, the Hint button wouldn’t always be displayed in the Pause Menu while a hint was available to view

UPDATE | 2.59

The update of Fractal Space 2.59 added many features and bugfixes:

  • 6 more gamepads supported
  • Added customizable “Hide / Show Taser” button with touch controls
  • Chapter 3 now has hint links for all rooms
  • Smoother look around camera rotation
  • Added “Camera Smoothing” option to disable smoothing
  • Fixed: Chapter 4 – Checkpoint with light beam could break the level on some devices
  • Both Mirror puzzles now have a hint that shows the solution
  • Achievements are now correctly retroactively unlocked if player signs in after completing the game
  • New Achievement for completing both endings
  • Hint (?) button now accessible directly in-game, and shows a counter
  • New Controls option: Static Checkbox will force the movement joystick to always be displayed, and you can place it anywhere.
  • Reduced lag that could occur while playing dialogues on some devices
  • Added HINT (?) button, top left of Main Menu. While in Main Menu, redirects to FAQ page.
  • Smarter hints system: Many hints are directly displayed in-game upon request, gradually giving a more direct solution as the player requests to see more in the same area. When no more are available, now opens the appropriate guide page and scrolls to the current room solution
  • Fixed blinking lights in Chapter 3
  • Final elevator in Chapter 2 no longer looks like it will crush you
  • Added Hint popups (first run only, not in speedrun mode) in areas where most players are stuck
  • Changed the download system for BONUS content, to avoid downloading from external links.
  • Added Bonus information panel to help
  • Added confirmation popup before showing Hint page if it redirects to official website
  • Reworked Privacy Policy on first start, and added a Privacy Policy button top left of Main Menu
  • Taser Combination in Chapter 1 is now easier for younger players ( <= 14 years old)
  • Additional hint “Blowtorch Required” next to the Maintenance Access sign in Chapter 4
  • Additional hint in Chapter 4 code for Generator 2 for all players (written on ceiling)
  • Event more hints in Chapter 4 code for Generator 2 for younger players ( <= 14 years old)
  • Published a new official Gamepad Tester app, in order to help us add support for currently unsupported gamepads.
  • Various bugs with Donation system on some devices
  • Added support for various new gamepads, reported by players using our official Gamepad Tester app
  • Fractal Space now has a simple Instant App to launch if you don’t yet have the game installed!
  • Fractal Space HD now has a simple Instant App to launch if you don’t yet have the game installed!
  • Added FRACTALXMAS event!
  • Added FRACTALOWEEN event!
  • FRACTALOWEEN and FRACTALXMAS can now be unlocked by finding the associated collectible objects in the game. They can then be activated by accessing OPTIONS | ACCOUNT interface.
  • FRACTALXMAS and FRACTALOWEEN now both have visual impacts on the main game such as new objects, snow particles and texture changes.
  • Fixed various login bugs and crashes
  • Fixes to Korean and Chinese languages

UPDATE | 2.4

This changelog information is for the the latest update of Fractal Space and Fractal Space HD, live on Google Play and the Apple App Store:

  • Hundreds of bugfixes: both gameplay bugs and visual bugs. The game is now much more stable than before
  • Taser Customization with 15 colors!
  • Reworked Taser Aiming similarly to the PC version: Laser and point always accurate with the final shooting position, and dynamic light for aiming (not on FREE edition)
  • 4K Support on HD Edition
  • New Sounds!
  • Cloud Save: You can now safely uninstall the game and reinstall it later, you’ll keep your save games 🙂 You can also play on a device, then resume on another! Last but not least, there is full cross-save compatibility between the FREE and HD Edition of the game on Android!
  • In-Game Interface: objectives, interaction system and notifications now look similar to the PC version, and are more readable
  • Aim Assist + Auto-Shoot: Works both with touch controls and Gamepad controls
  • Improved lighting and additional visual effects on HD Edition
  • Speedrun Mode: Shows timers for entire game and current Chapter, skips respawn cutscenes, ignores first keypad in the game and accelerates lifts
  • Chapters page displays best times and ranks for each Chapter
  • New Language: Brazilian Portuguese
  • New Language: Korean
  • Russian localization improvements
  • Reduced game size
  • SD Card Access: Changed saving – no longer needed
  • Any problem? https://bit.ly/fractalhelp

UPDATE | 2.0.8d / 2.0.84

This changelog information is for  update of the Pocket Edition of Fractal Space, live on Google Play (2.0.8d) and the Apple AppStore (2.0.84).

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Many performance optimization
  • Improved gamepad support
  • Improved various resolutions support
  • Fixed: Outside ending ground was invisible on some devices
  • Performance improvements
  • Lost your save game? Check our Support Page!
  • Optimization: Smaller game size on disk
  • Smoother Camera Rotation Movement
  • Bug using jetpack while falling (without jump)
  • Dynamic lighting is now improved, more visible on blinking / moving lasers, cubes, health and ammo packs, and Chapter 4 light lasers
  • Fixed a crash after “Please Wait” on some devices / on login –
  • Sometimes, the taser gun would not show the “Switch” screen correctly when aiming at a switch – Easier to interact with keypads
  • Fixed: Closing a Door on a Cube will now push the cube correctly out of the way
  • Fixed: The game should display correctly full-screen on devices with notches (@DragoXqwas#9794)
  • Fixed: If timed correctly, you could drop a cube while running against a wall, and go “inside” it. It would send the cube flying far away. This is now harder to achieve, but can still happen in some edge cases.
  • Changed: When a cube collides with the player, the player is pushed back a little. This helps reducing the bug above.
  • Fixed: When the player is pushed horizontally by an edge of a moving platform, it will no longer push the player through walls anymore. It should teleport him above / below that platform.
  • Fixed: Picking up a stacked cube will no longer have it inside the cube below for the first 2 seconds
  • Fixed: In some cases, the Shoot on-screen virtual button was not displayed, even if the Taser Control Type was set to Virtual Button in Options.
  • Fixed: You could get out of the room before Weapons room without getting the Taser Gun, if you stacked cubes. Now, this room starts closed, and is only open after getting the Taser Gun. If you try to get out, your character will die instead of skipping this area (@libreuser#9447)
  • Fixed: In Chapter 4, the wooden Log would disappear if squashed by a vertical moving platform. It will now be respawned correctly inside the cage (@libreuser#9447)
  • Fixed: In Chapter 4, while walking the automatically-generated white path before the White Door, you could trigger the spawning of some parts of the level
  • Fixed: In some cases, a cube on a pressure plate could incorrectly activate linked objects
  • Fixed: You could bring a cube at the end of Chapter 1. Now, the cube will be destroyed. (@libreuser#9447)
  • Fixed: In Chapter 4, if you picked up the cube just after activating the pressure plate, the moving room (subway) would take off but the custcene would not play and you would fall in space (@libreuser#9447)
  • Fixed: Various gaps and visual bugs reported recently
  • Fixed: On some devices, outdoor ending camera was not taking the entire screen (@libreuser#9447)
  • Fixed: In some cases, the Bonus button would not be aligned correctly
    Changed: Updated teleporter previews in Chapter 4

Update 1.9.8

This changelog information is for the update 1.9.8 of the Pocket Edition of Fractal Space.

Controls Customization

You can now fully customize the size and placement of all in-game buttons on the screen in order to place the Jump and Shoot buttons wherever you wish! For shooting with the Taser-Gun, you can chose between a taser-tap on the 3D model of the taser itself, or an additional virtual button.

This makes it much easier to play on large-screen devices like the Apple iPad Pro or large Android tablets.

You can now invert character movement and camera rotation placement in order to have the camera control on the left side, and character movement on the right side; that makes it more comfortable for left-handed players!

How much the screen is dedicated to either camera control or character movement is now also adjustable.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Gamepad Support: The game now works perfectly with a controller for the entire game and in all menus – If your gamepad isn’t recognized properly, please contact us on our Discord Channel!
  • More graphics improvements: better-looking cubes, cube switches, doors, better-looking UI with low-resolution screens, and more
  • The game now runs on x86 and x64 Android device architectures!
  • Big optimization pass: even with new better looking assets, we’ve made sure it still runs smoothly, and much better on low-end phones and tablets
  • Optimized Dynamic Lighting: on mid-range phones, the game can now run smoothly with the Medium option. The High setting is only for high-end devices, and adds dynamic lights to moving and blinking lasers, and dynamic lighting to God Rays in Chapter 4.
  • New graphics option to either set Reflections to Disabled, Medium or High
  • Fixed a Crash in Chapter 4 after picking up a box in the Soul Room
  • A bug occurred when tasing a switch in Chapter 1, you would die during the cut-scene if you were on a moving platform. It’s now fixed.
  • Controls in general are better and more reactive – sensitivity sliders are now more efficient.
  • Some doors were not opening or closing fully. This is now fixed.


We have added many more languages to the game! The game is now fully playable and translated into the following languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Italian
  5. Russian
  6. Czech
  7. Polish
  8. Hungarian
  9. German 
  10. Swedish 
  11. Danish  

Update 1.6.1

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.6.1


    • Important OPTIMIZATION pass: Performance increases UP TO 50% on mid-end devices – the game runs SMOOTHER on all devices
    • Reduced GAME SIZE to download to only 90MbB VS nearly 200Mb previously
    • Gamepads on Android, Android TV and iOS are now working correctly again
    • Controls feel smoother for both character movement and camera rotation
    • Falling speed by gravity is now reduced and smoother
    • A few rooms that were too hard are now easier to understand, and to complete. This includes the Soul Room in Chapter 4 and a few other rooms.
    • Restart Generator Minigame with the Jetpack, in Chapter 4: Now much easier to unscrew and remove the cover
    • Some players completed the game but didn’t see one of the last-minute ending story element, we made sure it’s more obvious (the tree, for those who have seen it already!).
    • It is no longer be possible to drop a cube inside another object, or drop it through a wall
    • New camera animations to help understand what to do in the Soul Room of Chapter 4 and others
    • Many sound enhancements
    • Many visual enhancements:
      • Lasers look better
      • Lense Flare visual effects for lights
      • All 3D models and textures now have more color schemes to reflect their current state
  • Donations are now possible from the iOS version of the game – Thank you very much for your kind support!


A lot of bug fixes that you guys reported by email:

  • Most CRASHES during loading “Please Wait“, or during gameplay were due to low-end devices with low graphics memory, / RAM are now FIXED
  • Fixed iOS and Android crashes, including the ones in the Soul Room when picking up taser ammo
  • All chapters had the same music track; they now have their appropriate separate track, as they should
  • The falling trap after freeing the crows didn’t kill you. Now it does
  • Sometimes, books could not be dropped. It is now fixed
  • Achievements bugs: some achievements were not being unlocked properly
  • Saws could sometimes one-shot you, which wasn’t normal; they should now remove half your health
  • Moving platforms have been reworked completely in order to fix many bugs, including:
    • Some platforms could sometimes still induce movement, even though you were no longer on them
    • Velocity of a platform was not properly transferred to the player as you jumped while standing on it
  • As you throw an object, it will now have proper momentum and velocity
  • Objects placed on moving platforms will also move with the platform

Update 1.4.2

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.4.2.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Android: Fixed issue with Google Play Games Achievements & Leaderboards
  • iOS: Fixed issues with Game Center
  • Repair Generator Minigame now fully playable with gamepad
  • Camera Sensitivity: A very low value can now be set. Useful one some devices.
  • iOS: Added Haze Games logo at start

Update 1.4.1

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.4.1.

Fixes & Improvements

  • iOS: Fixed crashes with latest devices (iPad Pro, iPhone 6S)
  • Reflections have better fidelity on high-end devices
  • In-Game Labels (messages on walls) are no longer pixelated and look better
  • Cubes now follow the moving platform on which they are placed
  • You can now stack cubes easily: If you pick up a cube and hover another one, it will move up for you to easily place it on top
  • Hungarian-specific letters are now displayed correctly
  • Corridor in Chapter 5 is now easier to run out of
  • Ending of Chapter 2 is slightly easier
  • Downloading of missing / corrupted data now happens on Haze Games logo

Update 1.4.0

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.4.0.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Glitch: By standing very close to a wall or window, you could shoot your taser gun through this wall. This could lead to being stuck by activating switches you’re not supposed to access at this point (end of Chapter 2, for example).
  • iOS: Improved shadow & lighting quality, same performance
  • iOS: Fixed crashes


Thanks to Kázmér & Viktor, the game is now fully localized in Hungarian! We hope you’ll enjoy it, fellow players from around the world 🙂

We would like to add the Russian and German languages quite soon! We are searching for translators to help us. Stay tuned!

New Option: Recording Mode


Want to record video gameplay review or Let’s Play video? You can disable the game’s interface in the “Options” menu with the new “Interface” option, located in the “Controls” tab. Simply set it to “No“, and no interface (joysticks, jump button) will be displayed.

Your video will then look awesome!


Recording Skin

The Recordings now have a new look:


It’s a first iteration, we will improve its textures in the next update. It still looks better than the previous recording we had, in our opinion 🙂


Update 1.3.0

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.3.0.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix: Somes devices crashed on New Game
  • Improvement: Perfromance++
  • Improvement: Chapter 2 & 3 are now harder
  • Improvement: Lasers look better
  • Improvement: Reduced game size by 40 Mb

Update 1.1.0

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.1.0.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement: Download missing data at launch
  • Improvement: Performance++
  • Improvement: French language corrections
Privacy Policy
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Haze Games

Game designer & Unity C# Developer at Haze Games, working on Fractal Space.


Raro2001 · 20 March 2016 at 11:27

Votre jeu est juste génial, vu la petite équipe, félicitations !

    Haze Games · 20 March 2016 at 13:20

    Merci beaucoup Raro2001!

    Ça fait plaisir d’avoir de tes félicitations 🙂
    On est heureux de voir que tu as apprécié le jeu !

    Amuse-toi bien avec le jeu et s’il y a le moindre problème, n’hésite pas 😉

The Mega Dragon · 16 August 2016 at 13:31

Hello i hope charles answers this one becue i have a question will the pc version of game cost money becuse monst steam games cost money

    Haze Games · 29 August 2016 at 08:24

    Hello The Mega Dragon! Yes, the Steam version will have longer levels, new rooms, much better graphics, and quite a lot of new features! Thus it will be paid on Steam, but still remain at a low price 🙂
    You can view news about the new stuff and graphics on the Development Updates on the Dev Blog here: https://haze-games.com/devblog

    Thank you for your comment!

Lee Smith · 9 November 2016 at 14:33

I am on the beginning of Part 2. First room where have to jump from a moving platform into a room above lowest floor – I can’t make the jump. It just won’t go that far.

Kрутой арбузик · 26 May 2018 at 08:50

Can you upload v 1.0.0?

Kir Sit · 26 May 2018 at 14:02

Can you do fractal space, in first textures?

SkillWisdom · 24 February 2019 at 17:44


Nyi Shin Thant · 11 March 2020 at 03:27


    Haze Games · 11 March 2020 at 08:47

    Thank you! I’m happy to hear you like the new update 🙂
    Happy gaming!

GrayFox · 26 October 2020 at 09:18

This is the best history in my entire life.

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