Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Changelog

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Hello there, dear Fractal Space players!


We hope you’ve had fun with the Pocket Edition of Fractal Space on Android or iOS! Here you will find the update history details of the Pocket Edition.

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If you’re interested in testing the PC Edition playable Pre-Alpha, check it out here

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Update 2.4

This changelog information is for the the latest update of Fractal Space and Fractal Space HD, live on Google Play and the Apple App Store:

  • Hundreds of bugfixes: both gameplay bugs and visual bugs. The game is now much more stable than before
  • Taser Customization with 15 colors!
  • Reworked Taser Aiming similarly to the PC version: Laser and point always accurate with the final shooting position, and dynamic light for aiming (not on FREE edition)
  • 4K Support on HD Edition
  • New Sounds!
  • Cloud Save: You can now safely uninstall the game and reinstall it later, you’ll keep your save games 🙂 You can also play on a device, then resume on another! Last but not least, there is full cross-save compatibility between the FREE and HD Edition of the game on Android!
  • In-Game Interface: objectives, interaction system and notifications now look similar to the PC version, and are more readable
  • Aim Assist + Auto-Shoot: Works both with touch controls and Gamepad controls
  • Improved lighting and additional visual effects on HD Edition
  • Speedrun Mode: Shows timers for entire game and current Chapter, skips respawn cutscenes, ignores first keypad in the game and accelerates lifts
  • Chapters page displays best times and ranks for each Chapter
  • New Language: Brazilian Portuguese
  • New Language: Korean
  • Russian localization improvements
  • Reduced game size
  • SD Card Access: Changed saving – no longer needed
  • Any problem?
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Update 2.0.8d / 2.0.84

This changelog information is for  update of the Pocket Edition of Fractal Space, live on Google Play (2.0.8d) and the Apple AppStore (2.0.84).

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Many performance optimization
  • Improved gamepad support
  • Improved various resolutions support
  • Fixed: Outside ending ground was invisible on some devices
  • Performance improvements
  • Lost your save game? Check our Support Page!
  • Optimization: Smaller game size on disk
  • Smoother Camera Rotation Movement
  • Bug using jetpack while falling (without jump)
  • Dynamic lighting is now improved, more visible on blinking / moving lasers, cubes, health and ammo packs, and Chapter 4 light lasers
  • Fixed a crash after “Please Wait” on some devices / on login –
  • Sometimes, the taser gun would not show the “Switch” screen correctly when aiming at a switch – Easier to interact with keypads
  • Fixed: Closing a Door on a Cube will now push the cube correctly out of the way
  • Fixed: The game should display correctly full-screen on devices with notches (@DragoXqwas#9794)
  • Fixed: If timed correctly, you could drop a cube while running against a wall, and go “inside” it. It would send the cube flying far away. This is now harder to achieve, but can still happen in some edge cases.
  • Changed: When a cube collides with the player, the player is pushed back a little. This helps reducing the bug above.
  • Fixed: When the player is pushed horizontally by an edge of a moving platform, it will no longer push the player through walls anymore. It should teleport him above / below that platform.
  • Fixed: Picking up a stacked cube will no longer have it inside the cube below for the first 2 seconds
  • Fixed: In some cases, the Shoot on-screen virtual button was not displayed, even if the Taser Control Type was set to Virtual Button in Options.
  • Fixed: You could get out of the room before Weapons room without getting the Taser Gun, if you stacked cubes. Now, this room starts closed, and is only open after getting the Taser Gun. If you try to get out, your character will die instead of skipping this area (@libreuser#9447)
  • Fixed: In Chapter 4, the wooden Log would disappear if squashed by a vertical moving platform. It will now be respawned correctly inside the cage (@libreuser#9447)
  • Fixed: In Chapter 4, while walking the automatically-generated white path before the White Door, you could trigger the spawning of some parts of the level
  • Fixed: In some cases, a cube on a pressure plate could incorrectly activate linked objects
  • Fixed: You could bring a cube at the end of Chapter 1. Now, the cube will be destroyed. (@libreuser#9447)
  • Fixed: In Chapter 4, if you picked up the cube just after activating the pressure plate, the moving room (subway) would take off but the custcene would not play and you would fall in space (@libreuser#9447)
  • Fixed: Various gaps and visual bugs reported recently
  • Fixed: On some devices, outdoor ending camera was not taking the entire screen (@libreuser#9447)
  • Fixed: In some cases, the Bonus button would not be aligned correctly
    Changed: Updated teleporter previews in Chapter 4

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Update 1.9.8

This changelog information is for the update 1.9.8 of the Pocket Edition of Fractal Space.

Controls Customization

You can now fully customize the size and placement of all in-game buttons on the screen in order to place the Jump and Shoot buttons wherever you wish! For shooting with the Taser-Gun, you can chose between a taser-tap on the 3D model of the taser itself, or an additional virtual button.

This makes it much easier to play on large-screen devices like the Apple iPad Pro or large Android tablets.

You can now invert character movement and camera rotation placement in order to have the camera control on the left side, and character movement on the right side; that makes it more comfortable for left-handed players!

How much the screen is dedicated to either camera control or character movement is now also adjustable.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Gamepad Support: The game now works perfectly with a controller for the entire game and in all menus – If your gamepad isn’t recognized properly, please contact us on our Discord Channel!
  • More graphics improvements: better-looking cubes, cube switches, doors, better-looking UI with low-resolution screens, and more
  • The game now runs on x86 and x64 Android device architectures!
  • Big optimization pass: even with new better looking assets, we’ve made sure it still runs smoothly, and much better on low-end phones and tablets
  • Optimized Dynamic Lighting: on mid-range phones, the game can now run smoothly with the Medium option. The High setting is only for high-end devices, and adds dynamic lights to moving and blinking lasers, and dynamic lighting to God Rays in Chapter 4.
  • New graphics option to either set Reflections to Disabled, Medium or High
  • Fixed a Crash in Chapter 4 after picking up a box in the Soul Room
  • A bug occurred when tasing a switch in Chapter 1, you would die during the cut-scene if you were on a moving platform. It’s now fixed.
  • Controls in general are better and more reactive – sensitivity sliders are now more efficient.
  • Some doors were not opening or closing fully. This is now fixed.


We have added many more languages to the game! The game is now fully playable and translated into the following languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Italian
  5. Russian
  6. Czech
  7. Polish
  8. Hungarian
  9. German 
  10. Swedish 
  11. Danish  

Update 1.6.1

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.6.1


    • Important OPTIMIZATION pass: Performance increases UP TO 50% on mid-end devices – the game runs SMOOTHER on all devices
    • Reduced GAME SIZE to download to only 90MbB VS nearly 200Mb previously
    • Gamepads on Android, Android TV and iOS are now working correctly again
    • Controls feel smoother for both character movement and camera rotation
    • Falling speed by gravity is now reduced and smoother
    • A few rooms that were too hard are now easier to understand, and to complete. This includes the Soul Room in Chapter 4 and a few other rooms.
    • Restart Generator Minigame with the Jetpack, in Chapter 4: Now much easier to unscrew and remove the cover
    • Some players completed the game but didn’t see one of the last-minute ending story element, we made sure it’s more obvious (the tree, for those who have seen it already!).
    • It is no longer be possible to drop a cube inside another object, or drop it through a wall
    • New camera animations to help understand what to do in the Soul Room of Chapter 4 and others
    • Many sound enhancements
    • Many visual enhancements:
      • Lasers look better
      • Lense Flare visual effects for lights
      • All 3D models and textures now have more color schemes to reflect their current state
  • Donations are now possible from the iOS version of the game – Thank you very much for your kind support!


A lot of bug fixes that you guys reported by email:

  • Most CRASHES during loading “Please Wait“, or during gameplay were due to low-end devices with low graphics memory, / RAM are now FIXED
  • Fixed iOS and Android crashes, including the ones in the Soul Room when picking up taser ammo
  • All chapters had the same music track; they now have their appropriate separate track, as they should
  • The falling trap after freeing the crows didn’t kill you. Now it does
  • Sometimes, books could not be dropped. It is now fixed
  • Achievements bugs: some achievements were not being unlocked properly
  • Saws could sometimes one-shot you, which wasn’t normal; they should now remove half your health
  • Moving platforms have been reworked completely in order to fix many bugs, including:
    • Some platforms could sometimes still induce movement, even though you were no longer on them
    • Velocity of a platform was not properly transferred to the player as you jumped while standing on it
  • As you throw an object, it will now have proper momentum and velocity
  • Objects placed on moving platforms will also move with the platform

Update 1.4.2

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.4.2.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Android: Fixed issue with Google Play Games Achievements & Leaderboards
  • iOS: Fixed issues with Game Center
  • Repair Generator Minigame now fully playable with gamepad
  • Camera Sensitivity: A very low value can now be set. Useful one some devices.
  • iOS: Added Haze Games logo at start

Update 1.4.1

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.4.1.

Fixes & Improvements

  • iOS: Fixed crashes with latest devices (iPad Pro, iPhone 6S)
  • Reflections have better fidelity on high-end devices
  • In-Game Labels (messages on walls) are no longer pixelated and look better
  • Cubes now follow the moving platform on which they are placed
  • You can now stack cubes easily: If you pick up a cube and hover another one, it will move up for you to easily place it on top
  • Hungarian-specific letters are now displayed correctly
  • Corridor in Chapter 5 is now easier to run out of
  • Ending of Chapter 2 is slightly easier
  • Downloading of missing / corrupted data now happens on Haze Games logo

Update 1.4.0

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.4.0.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Glitch: By standing very close to a wall or window, you could shoot your taser gun through this wall. This could lead to being stuck by activating switches you’re not supposed to access at this point (end of Chapter 2, for example).
  • iOS: Improved shadow & lighting quality, same performance
  • iOS: Fixed crashes


Thanks to Kázmér & Viktor, the game is now fully localized in Hungarian! We hope you’ll enjoy it, fellow players from around the world 🙂

We would like to add the Russian and German languages quite soon! We are searching for translators to help us. Stay tuned!

New Option: Recording Mode


Want to record video gameplay review or Let’s Play video? You can disable the game’s interface in the “Options” menu with the new “Interface” option, located in the “Controls” tab. Simply set it to “No“, and no interface (joysticks, jump button) will be displayed.

Your video will then look awesome!


Recording Skin

The Recordings now have a new look:


It’s a first iteration, we will improve its textures in the next update. It still looks better than the previous recording we had, in our opinion 🙂


Update 1.3.0

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.3.0.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix: Somes devices crashed on New Game
  • Improvement: Perfromance++
  • Improvement: Chapter 2 & 3 are now harder
  • Improvement: Lasers look better
  • Improvement: Reduced game size by 40 Mb

Update 1.1.0

Below are listed the fixes, improvements and new features of Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Update v1.1.0.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement: Download missing data at launch
  • Improvement: Performance++
  • Improvement: French language corrections



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