Hello, dear Fractal Space players! Update 0.583 is now LIVE on Steam for Windows, Mac & Linux!

This update focuses on fixing many reported bugs in 0.582. The game should now be more stable 🙂

IMPORTANT: RESTART CURRENT CHAPTER after updating to avoid bugs, softlocks and ensure new bugfixes are correctly applied!

Haze Games

After updating, if at any time you are encounter a missing object in the level (Power Core Slot or other), please restart the current chapter from the beginning (not last checkpoint, full Chapter restart) and check if the issue is still happening. If it still missing, please report with ALT+B.

As there were a huge amount of bug fixes and important changes, please expect new bugs to occur. If major blocking bugs occur, please report and there will be a quick patch within a few days to fix those first. Other bugs will wait for the next update.

If you have specific bug reports that require videos, please send them to bug@haze.games 😉

Thank you for testing and reporting bugs!

| NEW IN 0.583 |

  • Interaction: A bug made all interactions possible from further away than intended. Fixed, which might create new bugs or unsolvable situations. Picking cubes that are on platforms below you may now require you to crouch (intended and acceptable). Please report if you find blocking issues with performing interactions after this change. I’m aware speedrunners might dislike this change; I’m expecting complaints 🙂 You’ll need to get used to the smaller interaction range. If after a few runs you still can’t adapt to it and it is too annoying, I’ll increase it slightly again (but will remain smaller than it was before), and maybe only for Speedrun Mode. Please report as Suggestions what you think about the smaller interaction range (please not the first time you try – only after doing a few runs and being used to it).
  • Button Interaction: First version of button interaction animation; will be using the left-hand glove with an electrified short-range visual effect towards the button activated in the future. It’s meant to be very short and quick to avoid adding delays for interaction. Current delay is only 0.1s. Speedrun Mode completely removes this delay and keeps instant-interaction (the animation will be slightly out of sync, but it’s intended for Speedrun Mode). You can safely request interaction and move / look away and it will work (intended to avoid annoyance, and remain cosmetic). If you press it multiple times, it will correctly perform the interaction multiple times (might sometimes be out of sync visually with the animation, but that will be fixed later). Won’t be played if currently healing, but instant interaction will be performed (intended)
  • Achievements: Many existing Achievements now have new icons, 2 small ones were added. Many more to come, when I have time to add Achievements 🙂
  • Hyper-Speed: Auto-heal if the player has a health kit in his backpack when reaching the low health threshold for Hyper-Speed.
  • Chapter 1: Added softlock release in the first vertical corridor if no more Taser Ammo. You need to aim really badly to have it 🙂 It’s a silent dialogue for now.


  • Damage: Invincibility period after being hit by Lasers / Saws has been reduced
  • Dodge: Crosshair disabled will now still show Dodge cooldown gauge (washidden as well with the crosshair)
  • Chapter 1: Taser pickup dialogues and objects are now better tied to picking up the Taser, avoiding them to be triggered if you don’t pick it up directly.
  • Chapter 1: First button to shoot in the game, can no longer be accessed manually
  • Chapter 1: Skip through the breakable window in the room with the first Cube will no longer destroy the first cube – you can continue to Taser Room door with it. Previous vents won’t be automatically locked.
  • Chapter 1: Cannot go back into the lift “Maintenance” hatch of “Alternate Route” anymore after using the lift to go up to the first Power Core
  • Chapter 1: After dropping in the room below the vertical corridor with a button to shoot, the blinking laser will turn off after interacting with the first switch.
  • Chapter 2: Upon entering the last room in the Zero-Gravity part, the ground will be blocked to prevent you from returning down.


There were many more bugfixes than the list below; only noting here the most important ones:

  • Reported Bugs: Fixed many in-game reported bugs
  • Saving: In some cases, resuming the game from Main Menu could provoke some triggers to re-activate and checkpoints to re-save. This has been fixed.
  • Cutscenes: Disabling Cutscenes while a cutscenes was already playing could result in a black screen.
  • Cutscenes: Auto-Skipping a Cutscene with Hyper-Speed activated could freeze the player for around 1s if the player was static – or impede controls if already moving
  • Music: Could play “detected” soundtrack at the same time as level soundtrack, especially when there were multiple cameras involved in the room. Most cases should be fixed, please report steps to reproduce if you find additional cases of this happening. Thank you!
  • Music: Entering loading transition will now stop playing current chapter music until next chapter is loaded (intended).
  • Cameras: Will now switch to normal level music and show “Cleared” when no more cameras are searching for the player. The game would sometimes do this when there was still another different camera detecting / searching for the player.
  • Sequence Switches: Bugs were fixed with them sometimes remaining pressed down without actually moving to the next sequence step. Other bugs related to saving at specific moments of sequences have been fixed too – they should be more stable.
  • Room Control: Improved buttons to avoid them not always being activated when clicking outside of the center
  • Sound Volume / Music Volume: Various bugfixes were made to music / sound volumes: a bug was provoking music to return during level loading (should be silent for now between levels), and music volume could be changed to higher than desired. Should now be better, might provoke new sound-related issues.
  • Chapter 4: Power Beam switch was not playing its “Activation” animation.
  • Chapter 4: Secret stairs to secret passage could sometimes open / close instantly instead of playing the intended animation. This is quite a dangerous change, please test and report any bugs regarding stairs animation or other animations like this.

Thank you for testing! We’ll continue working on the various remaining bugs, and re-update over the next few days for next bugs 😉

Haze Games

Game designer & Unity C# Developer at Haze Games, working on Fractal Space.

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