Hi all! PC update 0.56 is available on Windows, Mac and Linux! Restart Steam to be sure you get the latest update as soon as possible.

This update is mostly about bugfixes after the 0.54 – 0.55 updates. You can view the previous full 0.54 update changelog on our post here: https://haze-games.com/update-0-54

There has been changes to Chapter 1 – Please read the changelog before testing, or else you might think these changes are not intended 😉

RESTART CURRENT CHAPTER: If you were playing before this update, please restart current Chapter from the beginning to avoid bugs

RESET SAVE: If you want the recordings counter fixed properly, you’ll need to reset your save with the !Reset Save! button. As a precaution, it’s good to reset your save if you are going to test the full game 😉

Haze Games

Thank you for testing and reporting bugs!


  • Reset Save: “Bonus rooms count doesn’t reset by !reset save!” -> Was not able to reproduce; every time I reset save (either from Main Menu or Pause), everything is reset correctly, including Bonus Room count and states. Maybe there is a specific step to do in order for this bug to occur? However, I made a change to Reset Save that may help this, so it might be solved.
  • Jetpack & Cutscenes: “Sometimes, when cutscene start, and you starting to use jetpack, after cutscene, jetpack would start and hold Space until end of oil” -> Not able to reproduce: jetpack is always interrupted when a cutscene starts (intended) and request to use Jetpack is always ignored during cutscenes, until cutscenes end. At end of cutscene, jetpack reacts normally. If you find a way to reproduce this, please report again – it doesn’t look systematic.
  • Text: Russian characters are supported by the main User Interface of the game – the Taser screen and hidden messages aren’t displaying correctly with all languages yet – it’s a known issue, I’ll be working on this soon. It’s different because text display in 3D uses a different system than UI texts – dynamic font switching support needs to be added for 3D texts (missing feature, will work on it for future update).
  • ALT+B Reporting: Not displayed correctly on super-low resolutions (like 640×480). Will be fixed in a future update.

| NEW IN 0.56 |

  • Ukrainian: Added Ukrainian (thanks for the translation!). However, some characters might not yet be displayed correctly, please wait for the next update if there are issues with this language.
  • Vents: Outside texture of ventilation shafts has changed to look cleaner, and more consistent with the rest of the level. You might not like it at first, as you were used to the previous texture – but it looks better for new players. They will be improved later to look more different than grounds.
  • Cables: New cables visuals have been added in Chapter 3, first Encryption Key area on roof of vertical room. They will be gradually added to various Power Cores Slots (not necessarily all of them).
  • Local Pixelation effect has been added to “censor” the player position on camera feed screens. There will be something for Cutscenes too in the future
  • Chapter 1: Roof next to first smasher button has been visually improved. Walls of this smasher room have been reworked to be better aligned, avoiding ghost collisions on small borders.
  • Chapter 1: Room with “Taser Room” door using 2 pressure plates has changed. In addition, all elements are directly present the first time you enter it, but can’t be used yet (before, elements for your return were not present at all the first time).
  • When coming back with the Taser on New Game+, you can skip activating the platform by directly activating the Laser Field button (inside the room, or button behind Laser Field, coming from breakable window).
  • Made the dual pressure plates safer: You can’t get out onto the Bridge with the cubes anymore in New Game. If you do so using HS + Dodge in NG+, they will be respawned as you cross the bridge to ensure they remain on the pressure plates and keep the door open. Dropping it on the bridge will also result in respawning.
  • You also cannot softlock yourself in this room by using HS to drop the cube on the bridge and go back in
  • Chapter 1: The roof of the room mentioned above (where you find Orange color pack) has changed too.
  • Chapter 1: First Power Core Area: Has changed to add a little bit more to explore, and different way get the Color Pack 😉 It is intended to be playable on both NG and NG+. Easier in NG+ as you can use Hover / Dodge to get it directly (intended)
  • Chapter 2: Player stuck between moving platforms and walls in the first room, will teleport him above or below the platform, instead of pushing him out and killing him. Please report other occurrences of pushing you out of bounds, as this is complicated issue that needs to be solved per-platform.
  • Chapter 4: Until now, Chapter 4 had no recordings to find in the level. You can now find 3 of them (there will be more) – even though they are **silent and temporary *”Work In Progress”* **.
  • Camera Screens: Camera Feed Screens now display “Error, rebooting” when stunned, and “Camera Destroyed” if camera is destroyed instead of “Offline” for both cases.
  • Destructible Walls: Made walls easier to break in general.
    IMPORTANT: Walls are meant to feel stronger than windows and harder to break completely. Multiple shots are required, and pieces remain and require you to shoot more. This is the intended feel and won’t change for the normal game.
    However, I know this can be annoying in speedruns. From now on, Taser Power Level 3 will break walls much more efficiently than Level 2 (was intended, not yet implemented). If you want to speedrun faster with breakable walls, please do so with Taser Power Level 3 😉
  • Destructible Walls: Dodge will still not break non-broken walls (intended). However, walking through a broken wall will detach the remaining parts slowly, and Dodging through it will break them to ensure you get through. This should help for speedruns 🙂 Still recommended to make decent hole before going through 😉
  • Destructible Walls: Now have sounds


  • Chapter 1: First lasers “Don’t be Afraid”: ATTENTION, SPEEDRUNNERS: I want the player to not be able to go through them at all on first run, but still allow speedrunners to skip them, so it has changed:
    • There are more lasers now, and it’s intended that you can’t walk through them on New Game (you won’t survive)
    • On New Game+, you can decide to go through while speedrunning and lose some health by moving through them crouched (crouch + dodge works too) to minimize the count of lasers that hit your body.
    • You will need to haveHealth Level 2 minimum to survive it.
    • The 3 blinking lasers just after this will now be activated even if you skipped the first lasers – you’ll need to be more careful 😉
  • Chapter 1: Prevented softlock in first elevator bonus area: vent will now close correctly upon going through the breakable window.
  • Chapter 1: Prevented softlock in Taser Room: cubes respawn if thrown to the other side of pipes until you reach other side of pipes, way to return to Taser if you didn’t pick it up in the fall and then went over pipes. Softlocks here should now be impossible.
  • Chapter 1: Taser Room changed Cubes initial positions to force player to drop a cube for protection.
  • Chapter 1: First Power Core Area: Button to open Entrance Door to 3600 code vent will now be present at start, but will only be online after inserting Power Core into Main Power.
  • Chapter 1: Right after the lift to reach the first Power Core Area, it was possible to be relocated next to the Main Power Core Slot instead of start of the area. It will now properly relocate you next to the lift, then next to the Power Core Slot when you have reach it first at least once.
  • Chapter 1: 3600 code hint screen now shows “Unavailable” by default instead of nothing until Information button is activated, to avoid feeling like it’s a bug that nothing is displayed yet.
  • Chapter 1: Relocation in the First Power Core area will now only relocate you to Bonus Room if you at least touched the ground of the bonus area (orange) once – then relocation position will return back to “in front of power core slot” if you successfully get out of the bonus room. You could sometimes die before relocation happensnow fixed.
  • Chapter 1: This orange bonus area mentioned above now allows you to go closer to edges, and avoided some softlocks here in NG
  • Chapter 1: “Disobeyed orders” dialog has moved to be a bit earlier (inside vent) than before. Can be skipped in NG+ if you go through window (intended)
  • Chapter 2: You can now stand on the “Big Room” screen – not very useful, but looks like something would expect.
  • Damage Blur: Smoother blur effect on / off when damaged
  • Depth of Field: Smoother aiming depth of field change when aiming close / far objects (now gradual)
  • Chapter 1 Dialogs: Improved quality of most of the new dialogs. Some are still not good and will be re-done later on. Priority is just reaching a state where there is no silent dialogs in CH1 – then a second pass on dialog recording will be done.


  • Invincible Red State: Dying during a cutscene should not be possible; if it happened, you would enter an invincibility state, with the red “death effect”. This has been solved, and you should never get killed during cutscenes (yes, even if you are squashed during a cutscene – this is an intended choice to avoid the frustration of being killed during a cutscene rather than being realistic).
  • Dialogs: Some silent dialogs were actually playing “Cmon, let’s go on an adventure” instead of silence. You were not crazy, hehe 🙂
    Fixed many – You might find more – let me know if you do!
  • Cubes: A player reported sometimes not being able to pick up a cube. After a lot of investigation, found and fixed a case that provoked this; it was having a cube forced respawned via “Unauthorized Object” while the cube was in hands and invalid position (red, cannot be placed here). Should no longer happen.
  • Game Completion: After completing the game and directly exiting, the game would start a normal New Game upon re-launch, instead of New Game+, thus resetting your recordings to 0 and probably upgrades too. Should now start a New Game+ as intended.
  • Recordings: Number of recordings collected could not be displayed correctly (showing 0), especially after re-launching the game or New Game+. If you are still having this bug, please !RESET SAVE! in the menu.
  • Customization: Resetting the save will correctly select default colors to avoid selecting colors that aren’t unlocked anymore
  • Reporting: Reporting a bug in the main menu without any level loaded will now behave normally again
  • Tables: You could crouch underneath tables – not intended
  • Rumble: Fixed some rumble sequence to still trigger when Rumble is disabled (rumble only with XInput devices like Xbox controller + Windows)
  • Chapter 1: Could stand on the retracted Bridge that closes in front of you, on return from picking the Taser.
  • Chapter 1: Skip breakable wall with pipes was hard to break than others.
  • Chapter 1: Fixed being able to stand on invisible ground next to moving platform in front of Smashers button
  • Chapter 1: Button in first Power Core area, (next to the blue light) to shoot with Taser could not be activated manually.
  • Chapter 1: Fixed sometimes being “stopped in the air” when falling down the vertical corridor, just after recharging Taser for the first time
  • Chapter 1: Ceiling pipes for Recording in Smasher Room could sometimes be disabled and would be enabled only later on.
  • Chapter 1: Fixed floating pipes when reaching the first Power Core area. This won’t happen in a normal run. If you use Ghost Mode, many bugs like this will happen but ignore them – shouldn’t in “normal play”.
  • Chapter 1: Fixed softlock in when doing optional room for the recording (“Impressive” bridge). If you dropped the cube a on some remaining objects in the room, you couldn’t retrieve it. Room should now be empty as intended, preventing this from happening (cube will respawn).
  • Chapter 2: Bridge Minigame: Wasn’t able to reproduce reported bug about Bridge minigame being ended with a wrong solution – changed it to be saferlet me know if you find a way to have it end on an incorrect solution.
  • Chapter 2: Weird bug with Cubes jumping off the vertical moving platform without being touched by the moving saws, next to the the lift to the first shooting camera room: made some changes that should help, but couldn’t reproduce the issue here, so not 100% sure it’s fixed – to be tested!
  • Chapter 3: Fixed a critical error that was happening for a specific language (Czech) when loading this chapter.
  • Chapter 3: New roof of vertical room: You could squeeze through some pipes (not intended) instead of using the Power Core to open Maintenance Access of the new area, to get the Recording.
  • Chapter 3: The Recording in the new area above, would sometimes not be present.
  • Chapter 3: Standing up in the glass vents of Chapter 3 with Zero-G disabled would result in a bug.
  • Chapter 3: Crypto-Locator button would fail to work as intended if player picked up the Encryption Key beforehand. It was a bug that the key was already present, as it should spawn randomly when Cypto-Locator is activated.
  • Crosshair: Could sometimes see Crosshair, Dodge Cooldown gauge, or Dodge visual effect while in Pause / Taser Customization.
  • Music: Fixed a case where detected music would continue playing even after being cleared (maybe still more cases present)
  • Other: Various other reported minor bugs have been fixed

Thank you for testing! We’ll continue working on the various remaining bugs, and re-update the game by the end of next week 😉

Haze Games

Game designer & Unity C# Developer at Haze Games, working on Fractal Space.

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GrayFox · 2 August 2020 at 02:30

Good update! Btw, I am one of translator of FS, and Ukrainian in 0.56 is error. There is 700+ untranslated words. I wanted to only translate PE. And, yeah, many of my bugs 😉

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