Chapter 3!


We are happy to announce that Chapter 3 is now included from the build v0.2.0 of Fractal Space on Steam! This new chapter is still in early stage of development and will surely contain glitches and bugs that we will need to find and fix together!

Want a Steam Key to test the game? Send an email to or join our Discord Channel ( and ask for one 🙂

Please note that currently, there aren’t that many checkpoints, and most dialogs for the second half of the level are missing.

We have tested it extensively and is playable entirely – however, using your wonderful imagination, you guys will definitely find new ways to break the level – which is always surprising and interesting. And it makes us happy while adding more work on the to-do list 🙂

Even though we still have a lot of work ahead of us, we will gradually make it a great experience!

Feel free to join our Official Discord Server with this link: to keep posted on progress, chat with us and provide feedback for the new third Chapter!

Bug Fixes

For this update, we have fixed a lot of bug reported by our lovely community of players on Steam:

  • Controller Bugs: Controller button icons were not always displayed, it was not possible to shoot the Taser with some controller types
  • Pickup System: Sometimes, objects were carried “inside the player” and provoke a “throw” of the object upon drop.
  • Boxes Crushed: If a box / power core is crushed, it is now destroyed and respawned. This also introduced other bugs which are now fixed as well.
  • Dialog Pause: Dialogs were not always paused correctly upon game pause
  • Junctions Fixed: Many wall / ground junctions had visual issues and were not always placed correctly. A strange vortex-like effect on doors was fixed.


In the sections you will find a listing of notable improvements that were made on the game in recent Steam updates.


The flashlight was really just illuminating a small circle on the screen. In addition, it was not lighting the objects surrounding the player:

Squashed Textures

We had a few object’s textures that were “squashed” and didn’t look good. We have fixed a couple of them. You can see an example in the screen below:


Upgrades Distribution

Upgrades available to the player in Chapter 1, 2 and 3 have been reworked; you will now have different available upgrades per PC, and more variety in the choice. There is also an additional upgrade PC in Chapter 1, in the same room in which you see the very first Cameras:

Thank you for reading, and for your support! See you next month for more news, or directly on our Discord Channel:

Cheers, Happy New Year and Happy Gaming!

Haze Games

Game designer & Unity C# Developer at Haze Games, working on Fractal Space.


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