PC Development Update #8

Follow Us __________________Hello! Hi again everyone! Here is some news about latest improvements of Fractal Space PC version 0.1.5c for November 2017! Linux and Supported Resolutions The game was crashing on Linux hardware. This has now been fixed, and the game also supports all resolution types. You can now play the game with any resolution on Read more about PC Development Update #8[…]

PC Development Update #5

Follow Us __________________Hello! We are happy to write to you again 🙂 We hope you’re alright. We’re back here to write about the current progress and state of the game 🙂 Pre-Alpha Testing As mentioned in the previous development update, we have a PC Pre-Alpha build ready for anybody to play and test, if you are willing Read more about PC Development Update #5[…]

First PC Screenshots

Follow Us __________________ Hey guys! Now that the Pocket Edition of Fractal Space has been release on both Android and iOS, we’ll be working on the PC Steam version, and Windows Phone port. Here’s what we’ll be adding to the Steam PC version: More levels, more rooms! More difficulty (hey, you guys will appreciate that!) Read more about First PC Screenshots[…]