Thank you for supporting Haze Games!

  • The 2 Bonus Recordings are not yet available, we are planning to release them soon.


  • Take a screenshot when the wallpaper appears
  • You can also access the downloaded file with the steps below


In order to avoid us having access to your device’s data only to provide you with the Soundtrack, the game downloads the files in its installation folder instead.

  • Files will automatically show in the Audio section of your file browsing app
  • You might need to restart your device before they appear

After the download of the wallpapers and soundtrack, you can access them manually by starting any file browsing app, and navigating to this folder on your device:

  • Internal Storage / Android / data /
  • com.hazegames.fractalspace (fractalspacetv for HD Edition) /
  • files /

In this folder, you will find the wallpaper image files and .mp3 music files after they have been downloaded.

Thank you again for your support!

Charles from Haze Games