Realtime Lights not Rendered in Unity

Follow Us __________________Hello guys, Just a quick post to talk about one of the issues I encountered in Unity while working on the PC version of Fractal Space. It’s just to help other developers who might encounter the same problem and wonder how to fix it. The Problem We are in Deferred Rendering. In some cases, when a Read more about Realtime Lights not Rendered in Unity[…]

Unity 3D, NGUI and Android

Follow Us __________________Hello there! If you’re using Unity 3D to develop a game, you might know about the Next-Gen User Interface plugin by Tasharen Entertainment, also know as ArenMook in the Support Forums. I have been working a lot with it, because Unity‘s built-in GUI system was terrible, until Unity 4.6 when they introduced a Read more about Unity 3D, NGUI and Android[…]