Two Humans.


We're passionate about video games, good stories, and the state of flow.
We didn't really plan it but the combination of both our skills
lead us to create games for our studio and for others. This is the kind of things we do on a daily basis:

Game & Level Design

What are the main game mechanics? What’s the goal? How does the player achieve it? What’s so fun about it? What makes the player come back?
We build levels with a difficulty curve matching the player’s skill to make him experience a state of flow.


An alchemy of art and science that brings the game to life.
We optimize our games for PC and mobile devices – and not only the latest generations.
But we still have them all ;)


“But… what did I say?
Will you stop weeping for *$%+’s sake.”
It’s not what you’re saying – it’s THE WAY you say it!

User Experience

Useful to prevent players from breaking their hardware and being rude to their screens. We work hard to make our games usable and accessible. When the player fails, it is not because the machine failed him.

The creation that has been taking up all of our time for the last year is Fractal Space; a quirky, funny and cerebral first person adventure & puzzle game.
It has been released on Android and iOS. It will be also released on Windows Phone, PC and Consoles.

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"The shortest distance between now and then is a straight line between two points."

Charles Pearson, also known as Aze, started working on Fractal Space in 2012 during his Game and Level Design course in Paris, in which he learned about designing games and Unity 3D. He had finished Portal and Portal 2 and felt frustrated. He loved and admired these games so much that he thought "One day, I'll do something as good as that".

He released a first version of the game with only a couple of levels and dialogs. People responded really well proving the gameplay was attractive, but life caught up and he didn't find the time to work more on the project.
Until he met her.

The nutcracker voice you guys will have to cope with too if you play.
She's a mad sci-fi fan, Lynch admirer, she writes stories and criticizes poor UI and level design.
She loved the game to bits and thought it could benefit from a bizarre story.

Together, they decided to unleash the full potential of what was now "their game" - and hopefully, your next game.
They created Fractal Space.


We are French, living in London, working on Fractal Space

Charles Pearson AKA ‘AZE’

Game & Level Designer
Unity C# Developer
3-years Game Design / Level Design bachelors degree at ISART Digital, Paris.
4 years of experience as Game Designer & Unity C# Developer at Cyanide, Playsoft and Airbus.

Amélie Beaudroit AKA ‘Jane G Six’

UX Researcher
Game Designer
3 years experience as game designer 10 years experience as a UX researcher I write novels and game scenario that I’m passionate about

What Players Say

Also what reviewers say - We love it when players leave a comment after they've finished the game :)


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