PC Development Update #1

Follow Us __________________ Hello dear Fractal Space players and followers! Since we have released the Pocket Edition of the game around a month ago on Android and iOS, we have delivered a few game updates that you can check out here. By the way, we just had a great review from PocketMeta ūüôā These past Read more about PC Development Update #1[…]

Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Changelog

Follow Us __________________Hello there, dear Fractal Space players! We hope you’ve had fun with the Pocket Edition of Fractal Space on Android or iOS! Here you will find the update history details of the Pocket Edition.   If you’re interested in testing the PC Edition playable Pre-Alpha, check it out here Update 2.4 This changelog information is for the the latest Read more about Fractal Space: Pocket Edition Changelog[…]

First PC Screenshots

Follow Us __________________ Hey guys! Now that the Pocket Edition of Fractal Space has been release on both Android and iOS, we’ll be working on the PC Steam version, and Windows Phone port. Here’s what we’ll be adding to the Steam PC version: More levels, more rooms! More difficulty (hey, you guys will appreciate that!) Read more about First PC Screenshots[…]

Fractal Space is Live on iOS!

Follow Us __________________ Yes!! That’s it! Fractal Space is published & live on the App Store! You can download it on your iPhone or iPad right now, right here! After many bugfixes,¬†and much optimization, the game now runs¬†smoothly on any iDevice from the iPhone 4S (included!).¬†We have also¬†published¬†the¬†new launch trailer for the Pocket Edition with Read more about Fractal Space is Live on iOS![…]

Fractal Space is Coming Soon to iOS!

Follow Us __________________ Hey guys! The Android version of the game is already out there, alive and OK.¬†We have been working on the iOS build¬†of the game, and it is now almost ready! After fixing many bugs, and much optimization, the game should run smoothly on any iDevice from the iPhone 4S (included!). We are Read more about Fractal Space is Coming Soon to iOS![…]

Why some couldn’t play… Mystery Solved!

Follow Us __________________We wish you all the best for 2016;¬†love, fame, money and time, oh yes, the precious one we all run after.¬†May you be blessed with time in 2016 and the opportunity to do what suits you with it ūüôā We very much enjoyed our holidays, thank you! We were very happy to be Read more about Why some couldn’t play… Mystery Solved![…]

Fractal Space is Live on Android!

Follow Us __________________ Merry Christmas,¬†Guys!   A week in advance, how awesome is that?!¬†Yes this is for real,¬†the game is ON, it’s live, it’s new, it’s finished, it’s polished, ready to tickle your starving brains on Android! It will be coming soon to iOS and Windows Phone¬†next ūüėČ After playtests, recordings, iterations, level design brainstormings, Read more about Fractal Space is Live on Android![…]

Mobile Release: For Christmas!

Follow Us __________________ Good news everyone! A news you guys have been waiting for, for… ages? too long?¬†Something that felt like it would never happen? Yeah, we know, and you’ve got no idea how frustrating that is for us as well to know that we have this great community of gamers just ready to play Read more about Mobile Release: For Christmas![…]

Press Kit Available!

Follow Us __________________View this article on IndieDB We are happy to announce that we now have a PC Alpha Demo of the game available for the press. You can request it by clicking on the button below: This press kit contains the following elements: Playable PC Alpha build High-Definition Screenshots High Definition Logos A video Read more about Press Kit Available![…]