Why some couldn’t play… Mystery Solved!

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We wish you all the best for 2016; love, fame, money and time, oh yes, the precious one we all run after. May you be blessed with time in 2016 and the opportunity to do what suits you with it 🙂


We very much enjoyed our holidays, thank you! We were very happy to be able to leave England for France to see our family & friends, knowing the game was out on Android, except… well we had a few complaints from some players because the game crashed when they launched a new game. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. We are happy to see people very excited about playing our game. We can understand the frustration when you realise you can’t play, but remember that Fractal Space is a free game. Unless many of you donate, we cannot afford to spend our week fixing a bug, so please, bear with us a little.
  2. If you can describe the problem you are having, that is of great help. When does it crash? After which action did it crash? After which button was clicked? Which version of the game did you have? What is your device?
  3. Thank you to all of you who sent us an email describing the issue; this helped us solve the mystery.


Here is what seemed to have happened. For some obscure reason, some devices weren’t downloading all the necessary data from the Google Play store page. Some of the data was missing. This means that players concerned by this issue could launch the game and… access the main menu. However, after pressing the “New Game” button, the game would freeze or crash during Loading.

Initially, it only happened to our beta-testers so we thought there was a problem with the data update from previous versions, and we fixed that. After waiting – let us tell you, it’s frustrating for us when the game is working on all our devices and all our friends’ devices and we can’t figure out what’s wrong – it seemed like it kept happening to some people.

Note that even though we were on holiday, there has been 9 updates of the game.


Anyway, on New Year, we finally found a friend with a phone on which the game didn’t work, Yay!! You can easily imagine the topic of our conversation 😉

So anyway, with this in hand, and a few helpful messages from some of you, we have figured it out. It wasn’t the game itself who was bugged, it had something to do with data distribution. With a lot of work, a bit of magic and hours of testing, the game will now force-download necessary data at launch if it’s missing or corrupted.

If you install the game from update version 1.1, and it still wouldn’t let you play (we certainly don’t hope for that but let’s be on the safe sideà please comment this post or send us an email at contact@haze-games.com describing what happens. We could then work on it and send you a fix directly so that you don’t have to wait the next version upload.

Hopefully, for most of you, this will fix the issue. Have fun, and once again, very happy new year!

Jane G Six.



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