Hello, dear Fractal Space players!

We are preparing the next major update 2.62 of Fractal Space on Android & iOS!

This update will remain in BETA channel for quite some time, as it includes many major changes that could potentially break the game.

Please send any found bugs in this beta to bug@haze.games with screenshots and / or videos if possible! Thank you!

Haze Games

If you are going to test the BETA, please read this page entirely before playing!

Haze Games

Join the BETA now for the version you are playing:

Here is the summary of the new features and changes:

  • Google Play Games and Cloud Save system has been re-implemented from scratch. This was necessary for the feature below to be functional.
  • Multiple Cloud Save Slots!
  • Very first start of 2.62 might take more time than usual to reach the Main Menu, due to a required Cloud Save conversion system (details in next sections). Let us know if this happens to you. Restarting the game should solve it.
  • Updated Brazilian-Portuguese and Spanish translations
  • Skip Cutscenes: Most cutscenes can now be skipped with the “Skip” button!
    • Some special cutscenes cannot be skipped for technical reasons, especially in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.
  • Speedrun Mode now auto-skips cutscenes that can be skipped!
    • Please test skipping all cutscenes (or enabling Speedrun Mode), as some may create bugs when they are skipped – and should be set as non-skippable
    • You may have a small camera jitter when a cutscene is automatically skipped. Will be improved later
  • Hall of Fame: All levels now have a Hall of Fame (top 30 scores) displayed for the current Chapter and the entire game. They are only displayed:
    • If you have already finished the game at least once
    • Or you are in Speedrun Mode
  • Faster jump: Start of jump rise is now faster
  • Many bugfixes and controls improvements from the PC version
  • Improved texture quality on iOS to be similar quality than HD Edition on Android
  • HD Edition and iOS: Taser shot now also shows lighting effect upon shooting impact (except with LOW Dynamic Lighting setting).
  • FREE only: Change of Privacy Policy system to add Opt-Out of all Analytics (explanation below)


From Fractal Space 2.62, the Cloud Save System has been re-implemented from scratch to allow:

  • More stable, and faster Cloud Save files download / uploads
  • Multiple save slots “Profiles” (up to 5 slots per player)
  • Change save slot “Profile” from Menu and Options -> Account
    • Achievements are linked to your Google account, so changing profile will NOT reset your achievements. The only way to reset achievements is to create a new Google account.

IMPORTANT: The older versions Cloud Saves are not directly compatible with 2.62’s new Cloud Saves Data. Don’t worry, to avoid data loss, we have implemented a Cloud Save Conversion every time you start the game from 2.62.

Please make sure to update to 2.62 on ALL YOUR DEVICES to avoid trying to open a new converted saved game on an older version of the game!

Haze Games


On the very first launch of Fractal Space 2.62, you will need to check if the Cloud Save conversion system works as expected:

  1. After Google Play Games sign-in, the game will automatically convert your “old” Cloud Save to be compatible with the new system (it is done behind the scenes)
  2. If you are not automatically signed-in, please try to sign in from the main menu before starting to play, to see if your saved game is correctly converted and loaded correctly after first launch of 2.62
  3. After conversion, it will be automatically loaded and you will reach the main menu with the same save state as before 2.62
  4. Clicking the new “Cloud Save Profile Change” button, next to Sign Out button will display the Save Game Load selection page:

Note: If the Cloud Save Profile Change button is RED, it means you are signed in, but your current state is not synchronized with any Cloud Save slot.

If it’s the case, please tap the button and select a saved game to load, or the “+” button to create a new slot – it will set it as the new active slot.

Haze Games
If this happens, please load a cloud save or create a new save slot

The converted save file should display play time appropriately (total active play time in this save file), and the correct Chapter and other description text:

You can then press “Back” to cancel, or the “Select” button to load it now. You can also tap the “+” button to create a new save slot right now and set it as active slot.


From 2.62, the entire system for Leaderboards & Achievements has also been re-implemented from scratch, to allow:

  • Faster synchronization of scores and ranks in Chapters page
  • Faster synchronization of scores and ranks during gameplay with Speedrun Mode enabled
  • More stable score / ranks retrieval: sometimes, retrieving scores / ranks would fail, and could cause some crashes on certain devices (quite rare)
  • Thanks to faster scores loading, new in-game display of Hall of Fame of Top 30 scores for each Chapter! Shown in Speedrun Mode or if you have completed the game once.

Since the system has been heavily changed, it would be great if you could test:

  1. Create a new Google account and play the game with this new account
  2. Complete the game, and report encountered bugs to contact@haze-games.com
  3. Check that all Achievements are correctly unlocked (if you cannot do them all, at least the ones you can would help!)
  4. Check that all leaderboard scores you submit are correctly added to each leaderboards (this includes leaderboards for FractalXMAS and Fractaloween if you can)

Thank you in advance for testing, and please report any issues to contact@haze-games.com with screenshots or videos of the bugs if possible.


On the FREE version, the In-App-Purchases system has changed. This new system requires the Unity Analytics system to be enabled. We don’t like this, but we don’t have any other choice.

Even though we are not gathering any personal information, we still need to allow the user to disable all data gathering caused by Unity In-App-Purchases system.

On the FREE version, you will now have an additional privacy setup button that allows you to fully opt out of all analytics. The only data gathered is non-personal information (statistics) about the game and crash reports.


Many bug fixes coming from the recent PC Pre-Alpha updates have been applied to the Pocket Edition, including:

  • Chapter 1: After the vertical corridor button fall to the room below, if you activated the switch on the moving platform very quickly, the door would be open instead of closed
  • Chapter 1: If you happen to make the keypad appear while the first door has been opened already, using it should no longer close the door and softlock you
  • Improved gravity / slow fall movements when dropping from ledges
  • Controls Customization: Fixed sometimes Jump and Shoot buttons not being displayed correctly when customization the controls layout
  • Chapter 1: Improved wall alignments, fixed many visual bugs
  • Chapter 4: Improved Blowtorch visual effect and Blowtorch pickup animation
  • Many more bug fixes detailed in the changelog page


Charles from Haze Games

Haze Games

Game designer & Unity C# Developer at Haze Games, working on Fractal Space.


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