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Good news everyone!
A news you guys have been waiting for, for… ages? too long? Something that felt like it would never happen?

Yeah, we know, and you’ve got no idea how frustrating that is for us as well to know that we have this great community of gamers just ready to play and that we can’t manage to release on time. You know the story, we have to have jobs first of all, then there’s been major Unity 3D updates, major Android updates, and some bugs that took way longer to correct than we would have imagined.

We also have been working on a large graphics upgrade. After that, of course, comes the optimization, so that even player who did not invest $900 in their device can enjoy this free game, from the beginning to the end. Also, you’ll be able to change graphics quality yourself while the game is running to help ensure that 😉

All right, this is the big update: we want to release before Christmas, so this will be Santa’s present to all of you guys. Please, spread the word because the game will still be totally free and donation-based – you can offer it to your friends if you feel like it 🙂

At the moment what are we doing? Loads of stuff: our priority is the sound, we’ve done some sound design, we were lacking some variety on that side so this is changing. Our composer is still working on the last tracks of the game, we’re waiting on that to be able to integrate it, but let me tell you we’ve got a brand new awesome track for the first level 🙂

Then the last really big chunk of work is for us to re-record the dialogs so that the quality is a professional one, and the same throughout the entire game. We started doing it a month ago, we’ve found the right effects now so we’ve redone the first, second and third chapters.

I write from bed with the flu or some sort of bad cold, the next recording session has to be postponed (unless we want to give IG a heavy smoker heavy drinker hoarse voice).

Charlie is struggling with an occlusion bug from Unity 3D that is basically ruining most of the optimization work he has done for the last 6 days so he is a wee bit frustrated 😀

By the way if you want to help us get Unity to fix this, you are welcome to vote here

We still have some bugs to correct, some graphic elements to polish, and a video to create, but honestly, the game is coming to an end and a clean, neat one so we’re pretty satisfied, and we hope you’ll be too, hopefully before Christmas!

The game should roll out on Android around the 17th of December, 2015. A few weeks later on iOS and Windows Phone!

That’s it for now, let’s return to our bug fixing!

We wish you a great weekend and a very happy end of the year!





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