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Alright, I’m not sure I know how this works…

Debug.Log(“Hi guys, how are you doing?”);

Does it work? Yes, great!

Here we’re as happy as singing frogs with their belly full of mosquitos but man we’re exhausted. We haven’t taken a single weekend off for… oh wow… well just way too long. You may have seen us pretend taking an afternoon off when the sun comes out and we bring our laptops to the park. You gotta take your kids out on a Sunday even when there is work 😉

We also pretend to be social when we go out for beers and exchange indie game tips with other developers, we did that with the guys from Dream Harvest, was it last weekend? Yes I think so.
Checkout their game, Failure, if you don’t know it, they’re really cool fellows.

Back to our no weekend policy – what a lovely studio to work for, for free right? – the thing is, our initial plan was to release the Android version of Fractal Space end of August. Yeah you know that, if you’re reading this, it means you’re waiting and you’re passing the time while you can’t play… we know, hence the no weekend new studio politics – hm well, so what’s I’m trying to say is, we had a plan. And the plan failed.

Why? Well for rather good news. First thing, we made an application for a game accelerator, and we were selected yay! Ok I hear you say it. It’s a game ACCELERATOR isn’t it supposed to ACCELERATE stuff?

Before accelerating things they want to make sure you have the backbone to support the next steps they’ll help you take with them. That’s what took us so long. Because we got into this thing and got the opportunity to talk with great mentors from big AAA and indie companies, we figured we’ve got to clean some shit out otherwise we’ll never be able to release the game on the platforms we’d love to be featured on.

We started this big sort of never ending optimizing, cleaning, stabilizing phase, that is our second reason. By the beginning of summer we started to see the light, but, other good news: the both of us found jobs.

Bare reality is, we’ve got to pay the rent too, plus we would like to go to frakin’ San Francisco to meet the other games development teams by the end of the year and present the game for the demo day.

We’ve got to save some money for that and since we haven’t found the dollar tree yet, well we said “Yes” to the jobs.
So on the week days, we were doing what we were paid for, in the evening we were doing the small tasks on the game, the video conferences with the Core Labs Accelerator, yoga and abs to pretend we’re healthy and then a bit of junk food in front of a series.

Now, we’ve got a bit more free time than the last 2 months, we’ve nearly finished cleaning and optimizing the game so we have resumed the work on the last chapter. That’s is the real good news of this post.

But! I forgot another good news -what ? Man you are on fire – I know! – in the middle of that mess we were greenlit.
This was an excellent news for us, however, it means we need to prepare the PC version of the game and test it as well. So we did a bit of that, then remembered our priority and decided to focus on the Android release.

Again, we’re back on the game’s last level. The dialogs are written, we need to record them and integrate them, we’re missing a couple of animations, and then we’re ready to code the ending, but no spoil, there are a couple of good surprises in there we can’t wait for you to try.

Well, I guess this is it. We’re back on track, working as much as we can on that. We created this website so that you guys can stay in touch and we’ll try to post cool and funny stuff to ease your waiting!

Love you!
Take care



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