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2016-02-03 (11)
Hey guys!

Now that the Pocket Edition of Fractal Space has been release on both Android and iOS, we’ll be working on the PC Steam version, and Windows Phone port.

Here’s what we’ll be adding to the Steam PC version:

  • More levels, more rooms!
  • More difficulty (hey, you guys will appreciate that!)
  • New Next-Gen 3D Models
  • High-Definition Textures
  • PC-Exclusive Lighting, Shadows and Effects
  • Cool new features to be revealed!

While waiting, below are some new screenshots of the PC version, that look much better than the mobile edition đŸ™‚

PC_Preview (16)

PC_Preview (27)

PC_Preview (30)Remove featured image

PC_Preview (29)


2016-02-03 (13)

PC_Preview (4)

PC_Preview (18)

2016-02-03 (12)

2016-02-03 (7)

2016-02-03 (4)



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